II) Audience

This book is for those who are curious about how Deno works? What is inside Deno? How does Deno execute the programs?
You should not read this book if:
  • You're too new to Deno
  • You're new to Typescript or Javascript
You should read this book if:
  • You have good knowledge of Javascript and Typescript
  • You have played with Deno
  • You've written and executed programs in Deno
  • You're curious about how Deno works
  • You want to understand the architecture of Deno
  • You're curious to know what happens behind the scenes
  • You want to get some understanding of how Deno runs your code
The intention of this book is not to get you up and running with Deno. In other words, this book isn't Deno 101. There are very good resources for that.
The purpose of this book is to find out what happens under the hood. If you're curious about how Deno works, this book could be of help to you.