This book caters to those who hold a sense of curiosity about the inner workings of Deno. How does it take your programs and bring them to life?
If you find yourself in these categories, this book might not be the best fit:
  • If you're a newcomer to the realm of Deno.
  • If you're just starting to explore the realms of TypeScript or JavaScript.
However, this book could be an ideal companion if you:
  • Possess a strong grasp of JavaScript and TypeScript.
  • Have tinkered with Deno, delving into its capabilities.
  • Have authored and executed your own programs within the Deno environment.
  • Nurture a curiosity about the mechanics behind Deno's operations.
  • Aspire to comprehend the intricate architecture that underlies Deno.
  • Desire to unveil the hidden mechanisms that power Deno's actions.
  • Yearn to gain insights into how Deno manages the execution of your code.
It's important to clarify that this book doesn't aim to guide you through the initial stages of getting started with Deno. In simpler terms, this isn't your typical Deno 101 resource. Numerous excellent materials already serve that purpose.
The essence of this book is to unearth the mysteries beneath the surface. If your mind is brimming with questions about Deno's inner workings, this book could serve as a valuable resource for your quest.