5.1 Hello world program

After finishing the theory, i.e. introduction, architecture, threading model, and the Deno-v8 bridge, it's time to go deep into how a program runs in Deno. We'll start with the simplest program, which is printing something on the console like hello world.
Why so simple? Why not a complicated web-app?
The reason to choose a very simple program is that a simple program will help us focus on the foundations of Deno. It's very important to learn the foundations that make Deno. We'll go through Deno code to understand how the simplest program gets executed. Once core concepts are clear, we'll move on to more complicated programs.
This is a big chapter with a lot of information. We'll advise taking some time to read this one. This chapter shouldn't be read quickly. This and the next chapter is the reason why this book got written. In fact, we'll recommend reading this chapter two times before moving on to the next chapter.

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