6.1 Imports and async ops

In the last chapter, we've learned how Deno executes a simple hello world program. We went over all the important concepts. The program was intentionally kept simple so that the focus was on learning more about how Deno works than the program itself.
We've gone through:
  • Run command
  • Worker
  • Program state
  • Module loader
  • Modules
  • File fetching
  • JS Runtime
  • Loading of modules
  • Evaluation of modules
  • etc.
In this chapter, we'll extend our first hello world example with imports, sync and async ops. This'll help in understanding how imports work, and how ops are handled by Deno and v8.
This chapter builds on the previous chapter. As we've already gone through the basics, we'll not repeat any of it. We'll only focus on new concepts.

Chapter contents