5.18 What's next

And that concludes our overview of how a program operates within the Deno environment. We've journeyed from the starting point to the finish line, covering the essential steps along the way.
This initial example marked our first foray into Deno, and while it may have been straightforward, its simplicity proved incredibly valuable in grasping the fundamental concepts. By sidestepping the intricacies of more complex user programs, we were able to focus on building a solid foundation of understanding.
With these core concepts now crystal clear, we're poised to progress to the next stage. We'll delve into a program that maintains the same level of simplicity, yet introduces an asynchronous event that triggers after a certain period of time.
As we shift our focus to the upcoming chapter—a chapter that also happens to be the final one in this series—we'll explore a program incorporating various imports and ops. This will further enrich our understanding of Deno's capabilities and demonstrate how to effectively utilize these functionalities in tandem.